To my little Girl with Love

As they drove down the street to their local grocery store Maddison studied her father The little wrinkles around his eyes that suddenly appeared not long ago squinting as he read the morning newspaper. He had a certain way he looked in the rear view mirror having a very serious expression at the on coming traffic. His pale freckled hands gripped the stirring wheel as he concentrated on the road. “Dad did you love my mother”? They pull into the store parking lot Robert felt a lump in his throat. “Yes I did love her. I loved her with all of my heart and soul. Robert holds back the tears as he breaths deep. ” In due time I will tell you about your mother”. says Robert looking Maddy in the eyes. “Me and Beth don’t have the same mother do we? asks Maddison “No you don’t but I am the biological father of both of you. “I don’t get it then how are you married to dad Lucus if you loved my mother and where does Beth’s mother come in at? Robert holds up his hand to stop Maddison’s questions. “Look everything will come to you on due time and you both deserve to learn the truth. Trust me honey you will know everything you deserve to know soon. “Allison was her name and she was a wonderful woman, she was so full of life, very upbeat,always willing to help anyone any way she could, very unpredictable, I never knew when she would surprise me with a cup of coffee in the morning. Nestling to me in bed on those cold mornings whispering in my ear “I have your first cup of magic right here”. “Dad your not just gay. I knew you were attracted to women. I always have knew that because you always check out women either at the grocery store,movies,my school where ever and I’m sorta glad”. “I mean I love dad Lucus with all of my heart and he has been an amazing dad to the both of us but it has been hard over the years defending the both of you at school and such against ignorant people. I just came down to me explaining that you two were foster brother’s that grew up together. I mean it’s kinda hard telling people you are real brother with the two of you looking nothing alike” laughed Maddison. “I never intended for you to have to defend our lifestyle that’s not your or Beth’s job”. says Robert looking at his daughter kissing her forehead. “It’s not your job either dad to defend or explain your lifestyle” as she kisses his forehead in return. “I promise you we will continue this conversation in due time”. At the office Robert sat at his desk waiting on his zoom meeting to start with an investor. His boss has always put him up to negotiating and setting up future meetings with their company. Looking at the time and noticing he had 30 plus minutes to burn. Robert has the feeling of guilt come over him and has the urge to talk more to his daughter Maddison. The best approach he thinks to himself is to write a letter to her which will ease the nervousness that he felt talking to her about this sensitive subject. “To Maddy my love bug, you look act and speak just as your mother did. I am beyond proud of the women you and Beth are becoming the both of you deserve the best in life and that includes knowing the truth about your mother’s. I did love your mother very much, I can’t say the same about Beth’s mother. I didn’t love her mother, we met at a company Christmas party and had a one night stand. I admit she was a very good person,she shared with me during our brief time of knowing each other that she had little family and only a few friends which is why she thought for a brief second we would be together when she announced her pregnancy with Beth. To her knowledge Lucus and I were close family friends who knew each other all of our lives which is the truth to be honest with you. Lucus and I have known each other ever since we were 8 years old,he has always been in love with me and eventually got his way when we married shortly after your mother left. Lucus is the one who set Beth’s mother Charlotte and I up for the one night fling. He said that we needed a second child to complete our family. He says Allison and Charlotte was sent to us to bare our children and nothing more. Maddison from the bottom of my heart to the depth of my soul I loved your mother more then my own life and that will never change. She did accept my bisexuality that I did come to terms with especially when I was in my mid-twenties calling myself dating a guy I met at the same deli your mom worked at when we met. When I met your mom I ended the fling I had with the man who’s name was James reason being I was completely taken by your mother. Your mother and I were an open book,we shared everything. Then the subject of her seeing another man came in question, she has had other opportunities but turned them down not wanting me to look at her different or leave her for being involved with someone else. I did give her the green light when she met Lucus. Yes they met at the deli as well and to be honest with you it wasn’t a chance meeting on Lucus’s part. He wanted to be close to me so he thought by befriending her he could stay close to me. It actually worked they became very close and your mom vowed to me that I always came before anyone else and she would drop Lucus in a min if I ever forbid her to continue to see him. Lucus was there the night your mother became pregnant with you. I told her it was a fetish of mine to be watched while we made love. Lucus has had a hold on me for years. It’s as if I can’t let him down or deny him anything, including marriage. Maddison I tell you with complete genuineness I want out of this lie,out of this prison of secrets out of this shame I have felt for all of these years. I want no more of his dominate nature or his manipulating ways as well as his abusive behavior. Got to go for now I have a meeting. I do ask you not to mention this to me at all around your father or Beth even if we are alone reason being this story has just begun. I love you my love bug to be continued.

And the Father Is…

{Carmen) My first 3 pregnancies were a no brainer on who the father was. My first two are from Chris of course, he was the only man I have ever been with. Wesley and I with our exploring his true sexuality resulting in my precious 3 child. When I found out I was expecting a 4th child the guys were puzzled and talking among themselves on which one of them was the possible father. I’d laugh to myself ( I know devilish) but it wasn’t a mystery to me on who the father was with my last two pregnancies. I’d always keep up with my intimate encounters with my guys with a log. My mother actually taught me how to document my menstrual cycle when I first became a woman I’d should say. Well along with doing so all of these years aside from the many apps they have out there I still use pen and paper. Having a log of my period and my encounters has never left me in question who fathered my girls. When I found out my fourth pregnancy I immediately knew I was pregnant with Austin’s baby. To my surprise and shock Chris actually opened up to me one night when we were out to dinner,that Austin and Jeremy didn’t want to equally live here this long if they didn’t have their own biological child. Even though when it came to the girls they are treated equally with lots of love between us and the Grandparents. Austin and I sat at one of our favorite tables in this small local coffee shop just down the way from our land very much surprising to my online buddies that our small downtown aka local town is just two blocks away from our land. They think our land is like 10 or so miles away from any civilization and I have to always remind them that it’s fairly close to the center of town. I would have never moved out in the middle of nowhere. That kinda gives me the creeps. My fifth and last pregnancy wasn’t hard at all to determine who the father was. Jeremy told me the moment of conception and sure enough it wasn’t no more then three weeks before I had symptoms of our little angel on her way. Every pregnancy I’ve had was so special to me and all three guys no matter who the father was,we are a family.

My Loves (My Guys) pt 2

Chris and Jeremy are around the same age. They are a couple of years younger then me and about 6 years younger then Austin. Yes Austin has always been like the head and over seer over the years being older then the rest of us. Well me and him have had our arguments over the years about Chris being to dominate with me and bossing me around almost to the point he just about left our home. He actually did on another occasion for a week but came back in the middle of the night. Waking me up kissing my neck only to make the most incredible love we have ever made. That resulted in my 4th pregnancy. I only knew when the guys worked out their issues with each other when I saw them work together while laughing and joking. I honestly never got in the middle of their disputes and people would think that I would be the main reasoning behind their sporadic arguments but nope I always wasn’t the star of the show. Early on living together they would have disagreements about their business well just like any other family ran business. (Yes that’s how our business is looked upon as being a family business) The automotive collision business my guys are about the best around but hey that’s just my personal opinion. Jeremy is our Auto welder, Austin is our Auto electrician and Chris is our tire guy. I do admit they have had their disagreements over the years about various of things. Overall they do love each other like brothers and will stand by each other when needed. We have more good times around here then bad. Our family business keeps us comfortable not rich but comfortable. Our children look at each of us adults as their parent and treat each of us with respect. Back to my guys: As funny and how much TVish it sounds yes we do have a sex schedule. No it’s not one night one man and the next night another and so forth. Time periods we have with one another and not saying that I’m deprived from the other two when with one I mean hey look at what they do for me. So if I have to be flexible well I don’t think that’s to much to ask. I will say this Jeremy admits to enjoy holding out. And when we do get it in, In bed we most definitely get it in. Not to mention one of those times resulted in my last pregnancy and I was done after that last one. I vowed to stay on birth control until menopause peeked in. According to my Gyno I have a while before I start menopause as far as she can see. My own mother didn’t start menopause until she reached 60, yes hard to believe but we are late bloomers I suppose. With the girls being just about all grown up especially my two oldest 21 and 22, a 17 year old and a 15 year old and still have a while before my youngest (10 year old) gets there, I can say we are actually relaxing. There is actually no rush in the mornings and not a lot of arguing over this and that in the house,unlike it was when all the girls lived at home. I can tell Chris more so then the other guys has anxiety about when we are officially empty nester’s. He mentions it from time to time,not sure if its his brain damage or not but he almost had a total meltdown when my oldest daughter got married and had to go to the hospital during the wedding reception. Turned out to be a stress induced panic attack. He was hyperventilate holding his chest crying and honestly he was freaking me out so I drove him to the nearest hospital. The old Chris I met before his car accident would not have done that. I honestly believe that is one of the reasons why my second oldest doesn’t want to move off our property. She doesn’t want to cause her father any stress or hurt. I ask him. How do you think your parents felt when you moved out of their home? all those years ago You are their only child. At least you have four other kids. My oldest daughter and her husband live down the street from us. We honestly see them everyday. Chris’s disappearing acts has very much slowed down in the past 10 years. He agreed to out patient rehab and counseling He was costing us thousands of dollars when he went away and doubled the work for Jeremy and Austin at the shop. His rock bottom was a call coming in from a payphone (Yes a payphone) a homeless man called our home asking for Austin and telling him Chris was in MS sleeping on a side wall of a gas station crying and hysterical wanting to come to his family in TN. He gave the man his last quarter and his last cigarette to make the call for him. We closed the acct Chris withdrew money out of while away and this time he almost withdrew 5,000 before we closed it out. His recreational habits have gotten out of control. His parents didn’t want to come to terms with his use being the reason for his car accident. His use started before we have ever met. Trips to New Jersey visiting a cousin of his during summer break and so on started these habits. This man would go months without using and one day he would get up in the morning get in his car and off he’ll be for a few weeks to a month and this time he was gone for 3 months. We were worried sick and the girls were distraught with not knowing where he was or even if he was alive. “Put his ass out and back to NY” I can still hear Austin say. He was sick of it. I didn’t blame him for being mad and making our lives a living hell when Chris skipped town. After that call Austin shared with me that Chris’s car had been sold and he’s been wandering around some strange town in MS. Austin was livid his face burning red his voice like thunder it was a sight I would never forget. I don’t know exactly what they talked about on the way home but Chris has not done this ever since and this has been 10 years ago. Jeremy is a person who goes with the flow and has been very much an easy going guy all these years. I believe his sort of timidness comes from his up bringing and not speaking up for himself with a very dominating mother and still is to this day. My girls can testify to that. They have shared not being able to leave the street when visiting her and his father for a part of summer. I’m so glad we are past that period of our lives and still maintain a good relationship with the Grandparents. It took Jeremy lots of courage and guts to walk out of parents home so many years ago. I didn’t believe he would hang on with us this long with his mothers constant calling and nagging in the beginning on how much of a mistake he was making and how he was thinking with is dick instead of his head. She forever apologizes to us for sharing her opinions with CPS friend of hers and caused some drama just a little but didn’t go far. Yes this bitch knows her rights. Jeremy spent 3 years not talking to his mother but kept up with his father. I urged him one day to talk to his mother explaining how he only had one and God wants us to forgive and move forward. We have been on good terms ever since. Austin has gotten the reasoning behind those bad headaches he has had all these years. With the treatment his parents had him undergo for whatever reason caused him long term affects that has gotten in the way with his work. such as the headaches sometime memory loss and forgetting why he had to perform a certain task at work. He has had to often record himself starting a new project. His parents along side mine were not opposed at all with our lifestyle choice and very much supportive. They are the Grandparents who are all about the Grand children and always sending them things,spoiling the shit out of them. I love my guys they and my girls are my whole fucking world. Chris and Austin went out of town to Memphis to check out a big job that they were recommended for. They insisted for Jeremy to stay with myself and the girls even when I told them we would be fine. Jeremy has been wonderful since they left 2 days ago. He’s been doing minor jobs in the shop along with their assistants Roy and Terry. Those two men gossip worse then noisy neighbors. They will go over to my daughter’s in-laws and get the gossip of what they are doing over there and come back and tell us everything plus more. We share our land with the in-laws and we have gotten along so good all of these years. We are blessed to have each other and ever since 2 years ago now we are really considered family with our kids getting married. Jeremy has been bringing me lunch everyday he has been truly spoiling me,with the rub downs while I’m in the shower. I have fallen asleep in his arms a couple of times. We broke my policy about no one sleeping with me to be fair with everyone. We have been sleeping together every night and it’s been so wonderful seeing his face in the mornings. Funny thing is we have not had sex since Austin and Chris left. I could have initiate it but I’m enjoying the intimacy. Jeremy and I are discovering things about each other we never know existed and I feel as if I have fallen in love with him all over again. Our dinners with the girls are full of laughs, gossip problem solving and more laughter. I look across the table from him and watch him take bites from his fork full of spaghetti. He’s so graceful so smooth kind of like an innocence to him I love this man so much. He has grown up here. He has grown into this wonderful man who would put himself aside to help out someone in need. Strong humble caring compassionate beautiful soul is what Jeremy is. I feel tears building and I excuse myself to the bathroom off of the kitchen. Guilt has gotten to me. I feel so bad right now on how I asked him all of those years ago to make a huge decision to come here if he truly wanted to be in my life. How can I ask an 18 year old that? I see his mothers concerns now and her worries. Jeremy opens the door I wipe my face and smile at him. He says these words that shocked the shit out of me. “I made my own decision to come here. Not even you had any say on what I did with my life back then 18 was very young but I made a very good damn choice and look I’m still here and not going anywhere because I love you Carmen I love my family. You all are my whole world.

There is enough hours in a day…

{ Carmen} Waking up after splashing the ice cold water on my face before tackling her ever so smooth wavy hair. Two pigtails is what she orders like a hot plate of a home cooked meal. Hair always is first it saves so much time for her getting dressed and washing up. Walking towards my room I almost always hear my shower running and of course Austin has been in my room. I can tell the way my bed is made pillows sit neatly on top of my thick white goose down comforter, sheets pulled tightly over lapping the top of my comforter. I could have used his assistance growing up when making my bed was a chore I hated to do but my parents wouldn’t let me leave to go anywhere without it done. This shower feels amazing like always at just the right temp. Keeping my hair at a short length was the smartest decision I have made for myself so easy and all I do is slap a perm in it and keep it at just the right simple length right above my ears thank you essence magazine for the sexy cut idea. Herbal Essences has been my go to ever since I was 13 and responsible for buying my own personal needs. Mom wanted to teach me how to become responsible when it came to my personal hygiene and I do the same with my girls. “Your allowance is your responsibility just like your hygiene” is what I have told my girls when they reached the age of 13 exception with one more to go having three more years. Yes ma’am as they say here in TN I’m going to be all casual today, Yes dark blue sweat pants and this pink champion sweat shirt will do. I’m surprised Austin didn’t pick that out I laugh to myself. I hear my youngest yelling from her room she’s done getting ready for school and by God I don’t know why my youngest doesn’t like to get up nearly have to drag her out of bed but here’s my 15 year old who is already down stairs eating a cherry pop tart and drinking a cup of coffee that I honestly don’t approve of but she’s a very good kid who as an obsession with trying different coffee’s and buying different kinds of beans. Some of them are way to harsh on my stomach but the one she ordered I believe from Spain was very mild and easy on my stomach. A coffee shop might be in our future the guys keep telling me every time some new beans come in. Stepping outside feeling that icy mountain air almost reminded me of home this early Nov morning. I smell a hot cup of coffee I know the smell of cinnamon in my coffee. Chris is standing by the coffee machine filling three thermos’s as always and how generous of him to do this and it never fails. He’s been doing this routine for almost 20 years it feels so surreal . I normally grab something for breakfast out of my fridge in my office, as I sip my coffee I have time to think about dinner when it’s my week to cook. It usually consist of crock pot meals I do have 4 of them but usually 3 will work with roast. My mom gave me this amazing recipe that I have been using for the last 10 years. Yes I believe my oldest and her husband will join us for dinner as always a lot of times which makes me smile that we are so close. My second oldest and her girlfriend are very unpredictable never know what they decide which is why I make three roasts and throw veggies in the oven on lunch break. I love my automatic timer on my ovens. Between the roasts in the crock pot and the smell of those roasted veggies has this house smelling like heaven when we get home. My second oldest and her girlfriend has been together 2 years similar to how long my oldest and her husband have been married. They met at their wedding actually it was sweet and not a shock to us that she is decidedly a lesbian. Girly girl yes but never really into the guys. Never wanting to be away from her family she has decided and practically begged us to build an extension on to our home sorta like a mother in-law suite but very old fashion with a modern flare. She loves the era of the 1950’s. Her kitchen is gorgeous I have made comments to the guys about redoing ours kind of similar fashion. The guys roll their eyes at me reason being we have redone our kitchen 3 times since living here. Austin walks down the ramp coming back from his inspection of the girls rooms gives me a thumbs up our ramp which used to be stairs but me being someone who has a phobia of stairs had the guys replace them with a ramp. My 17 year old is basically living at my second oldest home mainly being their cook and their maid. I don’t know why but she loves it. I have told her when she graduates she should look into starting a cleaning and personal chef business but she’s on board with the guys about a coffee shop. By 3 PM I’m so ready to get home and eat that roast. Trying to be good and only having a Caesar salad with Caesar dressing for lunch was not cutting it. Just like this spearmint gum that lost it’s flavor an hour ago. My assistant is always in a perky mood especially today with the meal she had for lunch brought to her by her husband a half rack of ribs with a side of coleslaw. She bops her head to her radio playing living la vida loca. I keep that door shut air tight especially on days like today. Jeremy (My youngest daughter’s father) is welding today and the smell is God awful. He is the best around this town. It was actually printed in our local newspaper 4 years ago. With the holiday’s coming up predominantly Thanksgiving I would love for all of our parents to come in town after all we have the room with only 2 sometime 3 girls still living at home. It would take some imagination and planning but I would love to see it happen with Angela my assistant by my side we can tackle it (in her voice) six sets of parents will most definitely take some planning not to mention my mothers dog Cupcake. That little bitch bit my ankle when I hugged my mother goodbye on our last visit. I bent down and told her who is number one in her life before sticking my tongue out. My second oldest and her girlfriend ( Chris’s daughter) they have an extra bedroom and not to mention a small den with a pull out bed. My parents will most likely will stay with them after all they are more close to her then the rest and don’t mind her kissing her girlfriend hello or goodbye without turning their heads. All sets of Grandparents treat our girls all the same with the same amount of Love and that makes me smile. When our second oldest came out to (The Grandparents) Jeremy’s mother pulled me aside almost in tears telling me how she had high hopes of all of her grand daughters giving her great grand children and not expecting to hear this and practically holding her heart. I held my tongue. How dare she even think I would side with her? We are a interracial poly family that will become more interesting as years go on. Get the fuck over it. My future daughter in-law is such a sweet heart. She grew up in Jamaca and similar to myself her biological father passed away. So she grew up with her mother and her grandmother who are very supporting to her lifestyle. They actually moved to the states as well shortly after she did. They live 45 mins away from here. Boy or boy they can cook that island food. Their curry chicken with rice and peas will make you slap every female in your family not just your mama. It’s 4 and the timer went off on my dryer. Yes I have a washing machine and dryer in her myself and Angela wash and dry and fold clothes once a week for myself and the 2 girls. My guys wash their own clothes exception for their work clothes they send those off once a week to be cleaned due to the chemicals and oils and whatever the hell else they use in their shop. My girls get home at 5 from after school care and tutoring. Gene a church member of ours has been wonderful for the last 10 years at assisting me with their transportation needs while I’m at work. My 17 year old is not interested in driving. I’m not going to force her or put any pressure on her, when she’s ready she’ll let me or one of the guys know. Then again she may never drive like Austin’s mother you never know. The girls will pick up the clothes and wheel them home put mine in my room and do the same with theirs. Austin will inspect their rooms in the morning making sure everything is put away in it’s rightful place. I love that man so much. We have a sex date tonight yessss baby…

Sorry not a Porn Star pt2

Running his fingers up and down her white button blouse circling her full firm D cup breasts Tony felt a rush of heat similar to Lilly. Looking into her eyes while undoing his pants she began to unbutton those small while buttons on her shirt holding her head down, He lifted her chin to meet his,nearly melting onto the floor as his tongue massaged hers Lilly let Tony completely undress her. Andy sitting on the sofa next to the oversize king bed began to feel a rush of arousal as his wife immersed in pleasure as Tony licked and sucked her brown silver dollar sized nipples. The room filled with a loud moan as Tony moved to Lilly’s wetness. Her hands pressed against his head while her she looked over at her husband who leaned forward and whispers to her “Is it good baby” Lilly whispers back “yes baby Oh my God yes”. Andy stood up and undid his pant proceeding to put his hardness in Lilly’s mouth. Tony watched as she pleased her husband he wanted her so bad. Inching his way between her legs, his hardness rubbed against her wetness before he proceeded to enter her. Not realizing where her head was she release herself from Tony’s embrace. Tony smiled to himself with thought’s of her being hard to get and wanting a chase. Tony forcefully grabs her legs pushing himself inside of her causing her pull away from Andy. Lilly felt an uncomfortable feeling come over her and pushed her way hanging off the bed. Tony sat on his knees looking at Andy with confusion,his breathing was shallow. {Lilly} I’m so sorry Tony. I thought I was cut out for this but I’m not I really didn’t mean to lead you on. Yes you can say it I’m fucked up I’m a tease. I honestly didn’t mean to be. Guess I’m chicken shit.” Andy looked at Tony. {Tony} “No Lilly you’re not fucked up said Tony as he got up putting on his blue boxer briefs. He pulls his shirt over his head. “You are a loyal woman to Andy and he very fucking lucky. There is no harm I want to remain friend’s with you two. Let’s just say this was just something we experienced and now it’s over.” Lilly shook her head and they both agreed with Tony. They enjoyed his company. Andy and Tony chit chatted on the room’s balcony while having a cigarette before Tony left, hugging Lilly before walking out the room. Lilly wrapped her white blouse around her slipping her arms through the cool sleeves looking in the mirror. “I hope you don’t look at me differently now” says LIlly buttoning her blouse in the mirror. Andy walked up behind her “I look at you as my wife,who is loyal as fuck and is a lady”. She smiles at Andrew. This lady wants to be fucked like a whore right now.” says Lilly unbuttoning her shirt.

Sorry not a Porn Star pt 1

Sitting in the parking lot of the Lincoln Hotel Lilly finishes her conversation on her cell phone with her friend Carmen. She expresses to her about her being nervous but also excited about walking on the wild side with her husband. Andy was the only person LIlly had only been with, she has never shown her body to anyone else. She has been to their club that they partially own and had sex there as well with only Andy, not to mention having an audience here and there, never bothering her. It actually made the sex more intense and hot. The pure thought of her having two men at once came from the time her and Andy were in the club being watched by a hot young man looking to be in his mid twenties. Nice average build looked to be around 6 foot tall, dark brown curly hair mocha skin tone, He stood watching them while he pleased himself watching Lilly at one of her best performances. Locking eyes with each other while Lilly slowly licked her lips before taking Andy’s hardness in her mouth. She lost herself for a brief minute when gesturing the young man to join them,only to back out when he proceed to join them. All she could think was how Andy would see her if she actually went through with it. Lilly entered the Hotel room firstly noticing the fresh clean smell of lemon that aroused her nose. This Hotel bed was huge Lilly thought to herself. The only beds her and Andy had been in was a standard regular King bed similar to theirs at home. This bed had to be bigger then a California King. It went very well with the dark brown cherry wood furniture consisting of chest of draws two nightstands on either side of the bed and even the mini bar matched. It was all perfect Lilly thought to herself. The white bedspread draped over the pillows which were tucked tightly she lift up the corners of the bedspread and laughed to herself “Yes military style the way I was taught” Three red throw pillows sat neatly topping the the tucked pillows. On the right side of the bed sat a tall glass vase of long stem purple Lilly’s. Their sat a white card that stuck out that read “See you soon baby Happy Birthday I Love You” It nearly brought her to tears. Her phone buzzed it was a text from LJ. (Lilly Junior) telling her the school might be calling or emailing her about her being suspended for a week. She got into an argument with a girl who had been harassing her. “I called her a jealous bitch, she kept talking about how I need a babysitter because Mrs. May comes and gets me sometime from school and she’s mad at the fact that she always has to walk. Lilly breathed hard and proceeded to read the lengthy text message. She then called LJ and explained that she wasn’t happy with her and demanded that she answer her phone when Andy called her in a short while. Lilly then forwarded the message to Andy that LJ sent her including that they will talk about it once he arrived at the Hotel room. Taking a deep breath she lay back on that firm bed kicking off her white flats before she knew it her eyes closed. What seemed to be only a minute later she was awaken with kisses on her shoulder. Cracking her eyelids open just enough to see the top of Andy’s head. He ran his tongue up her shoulder onto her neck saying “Hey baby” between kisses turning on her back Lilly placed her arms around his neck as they kissed slowly looking each other in the eyes. “Je t’aime Andy” ( I Love you Andy) she whispered in his ear. He smiled at her “I dem” (Ditto) “I talked to our daughter by the way and while I don’t agree with her disrespecting the class or or school. She has been bullied for a while by this girl on and off”. says Andy “I have tried to talk to the school about it while I’m there”. He held up his hand. “Baby I know but of course at times they believe it is both kids which sometime that is true but I think and I know well we both know that this situation it’s not true. It’s a one side situation and I don’t think that LJ should not be punished that harshly. I told her that I would need to take her phone for a few days without argument. Lilly shook her head “Fair enough” she grabbed his chin “We need to look into homeschooling.” I agree we should consider it next school season”. said Andy laying back on her chest. There came a quick knock at the door. Andy proceed to open and there stood Tony dressed in a black over coat dark blue jeans and clean shaven. His cologne aroused her to match how delicious he looked she thought to herself. Tony gave Lilly a quick hug before heading to the balcony to have a cigarette. “So has the party started”? He said smiling taking a long drag of his cigarette. “No but we were getting warmed up”. Andy walked to the mini bar picking up a mini bottle of whiskey pouring quickly into the shot glass that stood next to the ice bucket. He held up the bottle gesturing to Tony. “No thanks I had a few before I got here and I’m beginning to feel it”. said Tony smiling. Tony steps back in the room passing by LIlly running his finger tips over her shoulders before grabbing her chin licking his lips. She felt a wave a heat come over her.

What happened in the attic

Why do they act as if nothing has happened in the attic? Thought Madison as she attempted to take the knot out of their lights soon to be hung across the Living room and kitchen.. The couple and their two girls were getting ready for their Christmas in July party and gift exchange. Every July 25 as far back as the girls remembered they never celebrated the holiday in December with their parents. Robert and Beth in the kitchen singing cheesy Christmas songs along with a playlist Robert created while making cookies made Madison roll her eyes. She hasn’t felt like herself since her experience in the attic a couple of weeks ago. The way she explained it to her sister it’s as if she feels like she’s missing something in her life. As if she is grieving someone’s death. She knew she was in a way she was grieving her mother’s death. The mother she never knew and could never know according to her dads. It wasn’t fair. What happened in that attic or whoever’s clothes are in that attic she believed them to be connected to her mother. She felt anger and hid it from her parents not wanting them to suspect anything. “Dad is there a way I can make like a girl pad or cave for me and Beth in the attic to hang out with our friends”? asked Madison as she was getting the last of the knots out of the lights”. “What is wrong with your rooms or the game room”? asked Lucus studying those lights. “Well I know we can make noise and be loud especially when we have sleep overs so I just thought if we can put some stairs on the attic and fix it up we can use that for sleep over’s and such. said Madison. “Well I know there are no stairs to get up there and I wasn’t really going to put any anytime soon. Is there a way you can just use the game room for that and we can just pull the air hockey and pool table out”. Lucus asked looking at Madison firmly. “Well I’ll think about it. It’s just I never been in the attic really and I was thinking that would be a perfect room for us but I’ll think about the game room”. Giving her dad a hug and kiss. Later that evening after the lights were up and food pretty much prepared they family retired to their rooms for the night. “I think the girls are getting suspicious about the attic. We did know this would happen one day their not little girls anymore especially Madison. She reminds me of Alison so much”. Said Robert looking in the mirror shaving his beard. Throwing a cup across the room “Why do you have to bring her up after all this time”? Yelled Lucus. Robert couldn’t believe how angry Lucus got over mentioning his late wife. “An angry person is a guilty person. Remember that I have nothing to be guilty about except for what I know”. Lucus rushes over to Robert grabbing his throat. “Why did I tell you anything? Your ass will be under the jail right along with me if you don’t shut your Goddamn mouth”. said Lucus letting go of Roberts throat. “You don’t think they can’t hear us?” asked Robert “No they can’t remember sound proof door”. said Lucus putting on his sweats and tennis shoes. “Think about this hun we need to move the fuck out of this house. It holds to many memories especially the attic. I’m sorry I bum rushed you. I thought that part of our lives was over I thought it’d be dead”. said Lucus standing up walking over to Robert kisses his cheek before walking out the room to go to the 24 hour gym. “It’ll never be dead I still love her”. said Robert to himself as tears rolled down his face.

Second Thoughts

on Saturday morning Andy checked his watch reading 10:10. They sat in their doctor’s office waiting on their 10;30 lab work. Andy’s legs sat crossed one over the other shaking with nervousness and Lilly with her hair always in that tight ballet bun sat quietly mesmerized in her new mystery Ebook barely hearing Andy announce he was stepping outside for a cigarette in the parking lot. The wind blew Andy’s red tresses as he opened the door. Autumn was definitely in full bloom around there. The sun hit his face as he walked to the parking lot lighting his partially broken cigarette from his back pocket. Checking his watch again he shook his head as his watch read 10:17. All he could think was Tony changed his mind and maybe he had something to hide, he took a long drag of his cig. Suddenly a shadow appeared as he studied the cracked concrete. Tony stood there dressed in black Timberland boots dark blue jeans looked to be a white shirt with some kind of design covered by his over sized black Levi jean jacket. Looking to be stepping out of a GQ magazine with his freshly shaven face trimmed beard and partially shaved hair. Finishing up his cigarette he puts it out using his boot. “Thought you had second thoughts for a minute”. said Andy as he blowing out the last of his broken cigarette. “No not at all I kinda over slept but I’m here”. said Tony smiling. “Let’s go in to let them know, your’re here they are expecting us And so that you know, this is our private doctor so everything is confidential”. said Andy as they walked towards the front door. Tony nodded his head. Lilly still sat on the back wall lost in her book waves at Tony with a smile. “She is a huge mystery drama fan aka bookworm nerd”. Looking at both of them smiling running her hand across her face extending her middle finger at Andy. ‘Always”. said Andy snickering. The back office door squeaked as the door opened a short older woman looking to be in her 60’s who wore light blue scrubs and white tennis shoes walked up to them. She very much resembled Lilly’s next door neighbor Lilly thought to herself, growing up in LA. Often having Lilly over for dinner on Saturday’s with her own granddaughter. The both of them would would try to teach Lilly Spanish both being from Puerto Rico. Lilly would sometime get her French and Spanish mixed up when talking to her friend Laura that lived in France they always laughed about it. “Good morning Gentlemen and Lady who’s first”? asked the nurse. Lilly being goofy raised her hand as if in grammar school. “Me me I’ll go first this nerd needs to hurry back to her book”. She said while looking at Andy. Andy nudges her shoulder touching her soft black sweater that just about touching her curvy hips that hugged her blue jeans. They Phlebotomist name tag read “Chu” dressed the same as the front office woman admired how easy it was to draw blood from Lilly she told her how she could tell that she drinks lots of water. Chu’s hair up in a tight bun very similar to Lilly’s looking to be in her mid 30’s. With Lilly’s dog like sense of smell she could tell Chu was drinking green tea that sat hot on the on a small corner table of the lab office. “How did you know I had green tea”? asked Chu as she drew the fourth vile of blood. “I drink it everyday at least twice for the past 20 years now so I can smell it a mile away when it’s fresh and hot. said Lilly rubbing the bandage that chu wrapped her arm with. “That is good. Yes me too especially being my parents kinda made my brother and I drink it everyday growing up. My parents come here from China”. Lilly smiled and thanked Chu. Tony went next and then Andy. After the doctor office visit the three of them stopped in a small cafe for some coffee laughs and gossip. After a busy week later test results came in the mail. Andy sipped his coffee while opening the mail. “Just as a thought all clear. Do you want to open Tony’s”? asked Andy The girls have left for school and Lilly collected the dishes they left from breakfast. “Uh well you can it really doesn’t matter which one of us looks at it”. said Lilly. Andy looks at her while opening the envelope. “All clean not a germ in sight. I kinda got that aura from him anyway. “So are you still up to it? It’s all up to you babe”. said Andrew. “Well yes I suppose I am unless you are having second thoughts then we can just forget about it because I am your wife and we are in this together”. said Lilly wiping their counter top. Andy looks at her “Happy Birthday baby go for it”. “Not without you though I want you to be there in the same room so I can be comfortable”. said Lilly putting her arms around his neck. “Of course where else would I be”? asked Andy as he plants a huge kiss on her lips running his tongue across hers. Lilly felt an arousal. Skin on fire. She nudged his shoulder thinking he shouldn’t start something he can’t finish. “Love you baby see you later” said Andy collecting his bag off the counter.

“Wow an open Book”

Lilly cleared her throat before excusing herself to the bathroom. Both men stood this time. “To much wine I feel like a race horse right now” said Lilly scooting out of her seat her breasts jump as she wiggles out. “Doesn’t mean I’m not going to want more when I get back”. Lilly says as she winks at Tony. There was a silence again at the table. “My wife and I have been together a major part of our lives”. said Andrew. “We have experienced a lot together lots of good times some bad. Overall we wouldn’t for a moment ever think about replacing one another”. Says Andrew with a firm look in his face. Tony’s lips tighten as he folds his arms one on top of the other taking a deep breath. “Well I can’t blame you two at all. You two are good people very well fitted”. said Tony as he leaned in to snag a strawberry. “Our sexual relationship is pretty much amazing we like some spice here and there. Tony’s eyebrows raised in surprise that Andrew is sharing this personal information with him. “We at times visit what you would call “adult” clubs mostly to watch Andrew chuckles, and to be watched” said Andrew as he rubs his forehead. “Sometime we will get the courage and post an anonymous “motion picture” on what you would call an “adult” website. said Andrew leaning back in his chair arms folded behind his head. “Goddamn that’s something that I didn’t expect to hear”. Said Tony. Lilly returns to the table. This time sitting next to Andy. He rubs her back as they get comfortable in their booth seat. “Her birthday is coming up” said Andy looking at Lilly who is looking back puzzled. “She normally gets what she wants and I know Lilly like I know myself,my kids and like the back of my hand and I know for a fact she defiantly wants you”. Said Andrew. Lilly’s jaw dropped she couldn’t believe her ears. All she could think is how she had never been to bed with anyone other then Andrew. She took a big gulp of her wine. with some running down her chin. “So let me get this straight. You would be OK with us being together one night I mean if you are right about her wanting me”. said Tony as his eyes glance at Lilly. “Excuse me am I not sitting here”? I think I can speak for myself”. said Lilly patting Andrew on the shoulder. Andy starred at her squeezing her hand. “Lilly I know you OK? and why go through all of that flirting sneaking around BS? when I’m right here and we can lay everything out on the table”. said Andy looking at Tony for his agree as he gets a cigarette out of his Marlboro pack siting next to his wine glass. “Go ahead and light it here. It’s only us in here right now”. said Tony. Andy nods as he slips the long cigarette between his thin wet lips. Placing his short black bic lighter on the table he takes a long drag. Tony is soon to follow with his Newport short. Tony admitted to smoking after hours in the restaurant after his uncle and dad are gone while he shuts everything down. There is clearly a “No Smoking” sign outside the entrance doors and again going towards the back restrooms. “Well won’t it smell like smoke in here tomorrow morning with two people smoking”. Said Lilly looking around the restaurant. “Not with the exhaust fans in both corners of this place”. said Tony. “We also get the carpet shampooed every week”. Lilly shakes her head. “That’s good because it smells good and fresh in here. Not even like garlic you know to be an Italian restaurant”. said Lilly. “We have the fans so it won’t smell like garlic you know after all the cooking has been done and so on”. said Tony dumping his ashes on a creased white napkin. “Yeah I have been pretty much a sneaky devil smoking in here ever since I’ve been here”. Tony chuckled. Lilly picked up the strawberry she’d been eyeing ever since coming back from the bathroom. She took a small bite then reaching over to Tony placing the strawberry between his lips. He bit slowly with confusion.. Lilly sits back in her place. “It’s true I wouldn’t mind having you”. Lilly says . “Of course my husband has to approve of everything and how it will go I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t mind watching do you mind”? says Lilly looking at Tony in seriousness. “Not at all”. says Tony putting out is cigarette bud in the same creased napkin. “She’s not used to condoms. We never used them I’m honestly not sure how to use one I would need a class.” laughed Andy. “It would make sense for you to be tested so the whole condom thing won’t be an issue. We actually all can just to be fair”. said Andrew as he put his cigarette bud out in the same creased napkin as Tony squeezing it tight feeling the slight burn. “Agreed” says Tony slightly smiling “Just let me know the time and the place so we can be on the same page”. Lilly breathed hard not believing this moment they are having. Not knowing what they would encounter today when they woke up this morning. ‘I’m already feeling like a bad girl”. said Lilly has she smoothed down her shirt exposing more of her full cleavage. Andy leaned over and kissed her forehead “Show him how bad you can be baby”.